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Caps Blue Shelf
This sizable, sturdy-looking bookcase will supply you with ample storage space for your collection of books and periodicals or serve wonderfully as a display surface for exhibiting photo frames, candleholders and more. Ideal for filling the room of your spacious dining area, this furniture piece can be extensively used for storing your delicate china sets, shimmering glassware or other useful items. Crafted from genuine wood with antique engraving on the upper edge, it can surely make a perfect addition to the classic-styled interior of your home. Due to its deep-tone finish, the bookcase will stand out boldly against light-colored background.
303 AED
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Bolden Shelf
While choosing furniture for your interior do not forget about practicality. Shelves are ideal for this purpose! Bolden Shelf represents itself a simplest of possible shelves designs – a board that should be attached to the horizontal wall. Thus, we getting a very convenient place to store things. Just find a suitable place for it and the shelve will look gorgeous like a real work of art.
204 AED
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Jaspis Hallway Unit
Straight and rounded lines and a distinctively contemporary design make this unit a truly amazing furniture piece for your hallway. Featuring a sophisticated alder color it will add a creative flair to your entrance space definitely drawing the attention of drop-in visitors. The unit consists of a chest of drawers that can be easily used as a bench, a coat rack and a mirror. And in combination with its high-quality finish, this furniture piece will surely be a great addition to your home!
223 AED
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Caps Pink Shelf
You have a lot of books or perhaps you are collecting original trinkets that you want to be placed beautifully, but there is no enough space in rooms. Caps Pink Shelf will become a perfect solution for you! It will provide you with the opportunity not only to accommodate all the necessary things but can give an extra flavor to your home interior.
303 AED
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Cozy Quatro TV Unit
The construction of this TV unit will provide you with oodles of space for storing things without overwhelming your living area. The ample storage area can serve ideally for placing bulky media sets and TV, aside from favorite books, family photographs and heirlooms. The dark color of the unit will show up boldly against a light-toned background. Due to its attractive, unconventional design, Quatro TV Unit is a perfect solution for any contemporary home.
503 AED
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Cozy Barato TV Unit
Crafted in Europe from premium-class materials, this TV unit will surely get you organized with style. Not only because it provides you with ample storage space, but also because it giving a modern flair to a living room. From TV and media sets to delicate trinkets and books, this unit will serve as an ideal storing solution for showing off your favorite home treasures.
531 AED
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Cozy Edo TV Unit
Putting away all your belongings, as well as placing a bulky media sets or TV will no longer be a nuisance with this wonderful TV unit. As it was specially created by famous European manufacturer for storing large and lofty objects and small trinkets, as well. Made from premium quality chipboard it was created to serve you for a lifetime.
831 AED
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Vusher Console
Vusher Console is an ultimate solution for your living room storage needs. Trust your porcelain decor items and media equipment to its compartments: you won't be disappointed! Made in Poland, the Vusher console represents the essence of European quality.
390 AED
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Goods 1 - 8 on 8
products per page

Discover a perfect bookshelf for your living room

So, you want to arrange your piles of books accurately or imagine displaying your collectables, photos and favorite vases with your books. We have a great variety of living room storage units that come in diverse styles and sizes to match your taste and specific needs. Classical bookcases and elegant étagères, mounted wall shelves and display cabinets, modular shelving units, and our multi-tasking bookshelves will house all your favorite belongings.

You do need to be an interior designer to make the right choice. Let us walk you through different varieties of living room bookshelves to highlight their respective functionality.


Usually protected by sidewalls and a back panel, bookcases have multiple shelves that offer visible storage for your books, magazines, home accents and other items you want to showcase. There are also models with additional drawers that keep your miscellaneous stuff.


Light and airy, étagères originate from France and convey a touch of classical ambience. They are open shelves for displaying framed photographs, home accents and décor as well as for keeping a few books. They are often designed to fit into a corner and come both in wood and metal finishing.

Shelving units

Usually consisting of several modules, shelving units are a trendy yet practical storage solution. Place them behind a sofa and you have a European-inspired chic room divider. Put the shelves on top of each other and they become a contemporary bar. Arrange the units next to each other – and you`ve got a stylish flat-panel television stand. Shelving units are a perfect storage for your belongings and can be used for artistic displays.

Display Cabinets

Glass-door cabinet keeps your items free from dust yet allows you to see what’s inside. You can show off and protect your fine china or fancy tableware, miniature statuettes, and, of course, your treasured books. Sometimes equipped with built-in interior lights, display cabinets add character to any space.

Wall mounted bookshelves

With no footprint at all, wall mounted bookshelves can be wonderful space-savers. They can be engineered to fit any space and come in myriad of configurations hence their appeal to younger customers. The only disadvantage is that some varieties of mounted bookshelves are not designed to hold objects over 20 kg.

Be on the lookout for bookshelves with casters on the bottom. They allow easy mobility, do not scratch your floor and can be constantly moved as per user`s liking.